About Moon Theory Magazine

This is an online platform for like minded young ladies of London, coming together to share stories of current affairs, news, gossip, rants, beauty, soul and all things which tickle their noses. Our writers are all females, seeking to expand their skills and portfolios  to showcase potential employees and gives us a great buzz in working with some truly gifted individuals.

Moon Theory Magazine came about one bored monday, when three of its founding members sat around a pub, trying to come up with ways to show off their skills, after university. With a smorgasbord of finger food and drinks to wash down the reality of adulthood, the idea of Moon Theory emerged.  It will be a platform in which:

  • Posts will be published around the Lunar calendar
  • It will have detailed, articulated articles – no lil’ bitchy rants here and there
  • It will have a collection of articles, photoessays, blog posts, videos, interviews, and anything that shows the creative aspects of women in London
  • Things most women are afraid to say on other mediums, you can say it here – within certain limits of course!

We have just started the concept of this magazine, and soon will be fully functioning.

An exciting journey lies ahead!


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